Stop nero from updating

If you want to further tighten the grip you have on the application you can select the “Inbound Rules” option in right hand navigation panel of the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” and repeat the process, step for step, recreating an identical firewall rule that governs inbound traffic for that application too.

Now that the rule is active it’s time to fire up the application in question and test it. Practically speaking, and for obvious reasons, it’s not super useful to block your web browser from accessing the Internet.

For most applications, the main EXE file is the one you want to block, but there are examples of applications where things are a bit counter-intuitive. At any rate, once you’ve selected your application and confirmed the path, you can finally click that “Next” button.

On the “Action” screen of the wizard, select the “Block the connection” option, and then click “Next.” On the “Profile” screen, you’re asked to select when the rule applies.

Some simple and commonplace examples are as follows.

You might have an application that insists on automatically updating itself, but find that those updates break some functionality and you want to stop them.

Read on as we show you how to lock down an application via the Windows Firewall.

Some of you might have been sold immediately by the headline, as blocking an application is exactly what you’ve been wanting to do.

At this point we’ve achieved the goal outlined in the title of this article: all outbound communication from the application in question is now cut off.But, it does serve as a useful example, because we can immediately and clearly demonstrate that the firewall rule is in effect.I've had 2012 installed on Win 10 but upgraded to the latest version.In our case it looks like this: It’s possible this is some quirk isolated to the current version of the Windows 10 firewall, and that you can use environmental variables in other versions, but we’d encourage you to just remove the variable and use the full and absolute file path to save yourself a headache today and down the road.Finally, there’s one small but important thing to keep in mind here. That’s atypical, though, as most applications can be blocked through the main executable.

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