Stop twitter updating my facebook status

Many people who use Twitter and Facebook use the Twitter Facebook Application to update their facebook status. Occasionally my twitter and facebook updates will be in sync.

The facebook status is populated by every tweet except @ messages and direct messages. I might think something is especially funny and want to share it in both locations or I might really excited about a football (soccer) match.

I have a feeling you respond to those spam Craigslist emails letting you know you’ve inherited million from the King of Tajikistan.

If you’re promoting posts on your blog to fans of your Facebook page, it can be annoying to have to open Twitter just to post the same content again.

This post will show you six tools that social media experts and marketing agencies use to update their Facebook pages. I used to use this but realized that it wasn’t working effectively and started updating my status manually. When you use the twitter application to update your facebook status, almost every tweet except an @ reply, updates your facebook status.Before we get into third-party tools and applications, I want to suggest that you use Facebook itself to update your Facebook page for the following reasons.Edge Rank Facebook uses an algorithm called Edge Rank to determine which updates are shown in your fans’ news feeds.

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