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Selection of the appropriate thermal solution also hinges on selecting a manufacturing partner that is experienced across the range of platforms and form factors who can serve as advisor.Kontron’s full range of thermal management methodologies, supported by a long history of effective and innovative military designs, matches complex needs of designers and applications.Our expertise includes design and manufacturing of complex rugged system enclosures as well as embedded systems integration for rugged military applications.All of Kontron’s advanced chassis designs are optimized for both flexible configurability and rugged performance, with a range of choices in each design: from cooling methods to bus/ backplane architectures to processors, I/O and power supplies.Increasingly complex military systems are driving increased challenges in integrating effective thermal management methodology.

As we move into the Design phase, our engineers are able to draw on this broad range of implementation options to tailor an optimal design to meet virtually any complex rugged hardware requirements.Our system engineers are experts in thermal management and can use our proven designs as adaptable building blocks to optimize thermal efficiency, power and performance for the most exacting demands.Depending on the specific requirements, we can draw from a range of different design approaches for shock/vibration, noise insulation, security and hot-swap capabilities to tailor all operational parameters and survivability to meet unique program needs.Our flexible manufacturing processes, integration and testing capabilities support a smooth transition through prototyping and into the Production phase.This allows Kontron to cost-effectively scale production to meet the needs of any deployment scenario and to provide responsive support throughout the life of the program.

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