Superhookup com

According to Whois record of, public access to Superhookup ownership data is restricted due to privacy matters.The current owner and other personalities/entities that used to own this domain in the past are listed below.Sometimes I come across sites that just make me want to puke. It’s called Super Hookup and there’s absolutely nothing super about it. Here’s what you need to know about this website and why I suggest dodging it like the plague.I’m not sugar coating anything that has to do with this website and my experience checking the site out.Whether it be banner ads, links, submit forms, or whatever, they put them front and center hoping that you’ll start clicking like a madman.If you decide to do so, be ready because they will not be responsible for any damages or costs involved in doing so. Assume that you click on a link and it leads you to a new dating site or cam site.If you’re willing to use protection if you respect people’s privacy and more.

The first thing that this site will attempt to do is hit you with a ton of ridiculous questions that mean absolutely nothing at all.Not a single thing and in fact, they’re getting paid for sending you over to the other sites, so don’t expect to get your money back from them either. Well, Superhookup and affiliated dating sites all use avatars and fake profiles to entice you to take action.They want you to think that there are more people using this site then there really is and that’s about as grimey as it gets.Well, when you forget to cancel that trial you end up being billed hundreds of dollars for as long as possible.Once you’re in the member’s area, they hit you every which way for an upgrade and messaging with these fake girls.

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