Tall woman dating short man

Sometimes, I think we tend to say and believe things that just sound right.And when there's no one around to challenge that belief, it just stays that way.The current guy I'm dating and my ex are both shorter than me.I feel like you miss out on a whole bunch of fantastic people if you write them off before you've had a chance to see if there's connection.However, I was too busy being focused on my beautiful girlfriend at the time to notice the extra odd looks. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to be physically attracted to your potential partners from the beginning to the end.If you find you are finding enough quality partners who are taller than you, then there is no reason to stop.However, if you want to expand your potential number of dating partners, or you found an amazing guy friend who just happens to be shorter than you, consider opening it up to guys shorter than you.Just don't judge all of us shorties based on one or two bad apples, please. :) who has entered your life and piqued your interest, and not so much 'short men' in general.. I read something from a taller woman who said she didn't want a taller mate because she liked being the taller one, so she dated shorter guys.

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He was the first person to ask me if the height difference bothered me, and that's when I realized I hadn't given it a single thought.My sister (5'9") rebelled and married a guy who is 5'6". Funny how my mom has gotten quiet about tall men being better than short men.Especially when her son-in-law comes over and cuts her lawn for her, shovels the driveway, and does general handy-man stuff." and "I'd better keep doing the right things to keep this one." In fact the few times we did anything formal I encouraged them to wear heels.Those situations probably drew even more odd looks.

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