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All of our residents should have interest in Georgia, in environment and issues not only of the country but also in larger picture of global politics..

We concentrate on work on public space, now our interest had also spread to work with communities.

Data Chigholashvili: Our residents also contribute to the archive and the library.

There is material about art from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia and not only. Our office is situated near the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

The Academy of Arts is the old school academic type of institution, which doesn’t want to change.

At the Free University of Tbilisi, founded by Kakha Bendukidze, this year the faculty of Arts and Design will open.

We try, when it’s possible, to involve residents in projects that we realize.

Archidrome is an archive, library discussion platform, which contains diverse material (publications, periodicals, digital media) about contemporary art and culture in Georgia, the Caucasus region, as well as international theories and tendencies.

At that time there was a lack of information about local artists, movements and art community in Georgia.

All together they came to Georgia to do something there.

They made the first project called “Foreigner” in 2003 on the territory of the old vine factory.

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