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It’s divided into four main subjects: Once collected, Ideal Flatmate’s algorithms set to work, using the collected data to hook up those looking for somewhere to live with existing tenants in a particular apartment.

Ideal Flatmate co-founder Tom Gatzen told Tech Crunch that up to now interested folks include not only those looking for a room but also an increasing number of landlords who are uploading their properties to the site.

The algorithm goes one step further than simple response based matching, it ranks the importance of each trait to pair users as well.

Not all dating apps use this compatibility approach.

Technology has changed the way we communicate, the way we move, and the way we consume content. Looking for a partner online is a more common occurrence than searching for one in person.For example, someone could report that they are very messy and looking for someone moderately messy.Ok Cupid would then present the user with potential partners who are moderately messy looking for people who are very messy.How do dating sites actually use this information as a call to action to find you a match?Hinge calls itself “the dating app that was designed to be deleted.” It uses a Nobel Prize winning algorithm to put its users together.

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