The simpsons ned flanders dating

The plot unfolds when Bart, feeling guilty for getting his teacher suspended, helps her escape detention and Ned Flanders winds up saving Edna’s life.When Edna and Ned start dating, the normally religiously conservative Ned is surprised to learn that his new flame has slept with many of Springfield’s men including Homer and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, who guest-voices as himself. It was a cliffhanger that left Simpsons’ fans worldwide wanting to know whodunnit?He once donated a kidney and a lung out of the goodness of his heart to whoever needs them first.He is also a good neighbor to the Simpsons, regularly offering his assistance.Nowadays Homer seems to regard Ned as more of a nuisance.Sometimes, Marge considers Flanders to be a perfect neighbor and usually sides with him instead of her husband, which always enrages Homer.Mother: Mona Flanders Father: Nedward Flanders, Sr.Wife: Edna Flanders (deceased)Ex-wives: Maude Flanders (deceased) and Ginger Flanders Sons: Todd and Rod Flanders Grandparents: Grandma Flanders (deceased)Cousins: José Flanders, Lord Thistlewick Flanders and Ted Flanders is the Simpson family's extremely religious next door neighbor and landlord.

Homer seems to genuinely care for Ned, despite still expressing and often acting on feelings of loathing.

The episode leaves us at a cliffhanger that only the audience can decide by voting on whether they are ‘Pro Nedna’ or ‘No Nedna’.

The latest plot twist is seen as an attempt to bring some of the show’s old glory back.

Ned's dogged friendship inspires the loyalty of others; when his Leftorium appeared on the verge of bankruptcy shortly after it opened, Homer arranged a George Bailey-esque bailout with the help of many people in Springfield.

However, he also embodies many of the intolerant aspects of the American religious right.

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