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Following the release of 1991’s Fear Of A Punk Planet, the band moved to the XXX label for Sweating To The Oldies: The Vandals Live, but this partnership was quickly and acrimoniously dissolved when the Vandals moved to Dexter Holland’s Nitro label for Live Fast, Diarrea, a solid if unspectacular release.The band was in full flight for their next effort, 1996’s The Quickening, with typically excellent musicianship matched by intelligent and occasionally heartfelt lyrics, notably on ‘ Canine Euthanasia’ and ‘ Aging Orange’ (a deserved dig at aging punks Agent Orange).Not every pop punk band participated in corporate culture, with some as adamant about maintaining their DIY ethics as Fugazi and the Dischord crew were in the ‘80s.Still, it’s impossible to divorce the genre entirely from its commodification.Go all the way back to the Sex Pistols and their theatrical rejection of mainstream culture, and you’ll find something that’s a lot more reactionary than people give it credit for.

The first Vandals EP, 1982’s Peace Thru Vandalism, appeared on Bad Religion’s Epitaph Records.

A brief hiatus ensued before the release of the lacklustre Internet Dating Super Studs, which included an interactive section following the band on a series of hapless dates.

The in-concert set Live At The House Of Blues included a free DVD in the package, while the studio album Hollywood Potato Chip marked a partial return to form.

Containing future classics such as ‘ Anarchy Burger’ and ‘ Pirate’s Life’, When In Rome Do As The Vandals, was recorded with new bass player Chalmer Lumary.

The Vandals had a settled line-up by 1989, with Escalante joined by former Fallen Idols vocalist Dave Quackenbush (with the band since 1985), guitarist Warren Fitzgerald (b.

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