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I absolutely adore him and I am very positive it's exactly the other way around too!That's why it kind of hurts me that I miss my ex boyfriend in a physical and sexual way very much.But whatever you choose, you are better off without your ex and you also deserve good sex. I don't think you even need to mention your ex to your bf, just say that you want to try some different things in the bedroom - it's perfectly ok in a relationship to express your sexual preferences. You're allowed to say these kinds of things without making it about your ex.Just let him know some (specific) different thing(s) you'd like to try without bringing up your ex at all.This makes me feel very bad, and sometimes I also cry after it because it's kind of pathetic. There are some physical parts of my ex that my current bf can't change about him but if he could change the way we have sex a bit like I had it with my ex it could potentially become even better and those feelings would go away. Telling him to be more like my ex in that regard would hurt him because he knows him as well and dislikes him a whole lot;dr: I still have strong sexual feelings for my ex that won't go away unless my boyfriend changes the way we have sex. Then start addressing the list one item at a time with current BF when yall have sex.Also, please don't get too caught up on the masturbation thing..people (especially women) find it easier to orgasm from masturbation than from sex.Communication is key, ESPECIALLY in the bedroom, but your ex doesn't need to be a part of that to get your point across.

He was really handsome and we had explosive sex, and like your ex, he treated me badly.

My boyfriend is beautiful in a physical way as well and the sex we have is not bad but it's just very lacking compared to what I'm used to with my ex. Just talk with him and tell him that you think that doing this or moving this way or acting a certain way in bed would increase your bedroom pleasure. Your current BF can learn if you are willing to teach.

I sometimes also masturbate, thinking about my ex boyfriend and am more likely to get an orgasm than through sex with my current bf. But you need to come to a mental meeting with yourself and find what you like and what you don't. Hell take a day when you are going to be alone for a while, take your toy of choice and move it around until you find what you like. Keep a running list of what you like that you aren't currently getting.

Mostly I was just way more into him than he was into me and he wasn't considerate about showing me that he cared.

So I was constantly trying to make him love me and there was a constant feeling of uncertainty.

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