Timeline of dating relationships

During this stage, both the partners see each other for who they really are and risk disillusionment.The partners may start resenting each other's habits.

Three times the woman in the book of Song of Solomon warns her friends not to “stir up or awaken love until it pleases”. They consider the effect that a significant amount of time has on two people with heightened attraction for each other and how heightened emotions and infatuation only cloud one’s choice of whether or not to love. Be strong and follow Jesus when a man is following himself. If you’re dating, what timeline is your current pace setting?

When we talk of human emotions and particularly something as indescribable as the feeling of being in love, there can never be any certainty about it.

Why people fall in love, how they fall in love, when and with whom, no one can really tell.

However, most healthy relationships (I would not say all), do go through some common stages before culminating into a serious long-term partnership for life.

As I mentioned above, there are a few stages that almost all couples go through. In this, both the man and the woman feel highly attracted to one another.

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