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More contemporary puzzle rings have three, five or seven interlocking rings.Wedding etiquette depends on how traditional or modern the wedding is.Turkish wedding customs involve men and women being on separate sides of the room but are allowed to dance in one another’s presence, unlike traditional Turkish wedding customs that dictate separate rooms for men and women.Turkish wedding dresses are white with a veil and head covering, much like Western counterparts.

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Another example of what happens at a Turkish Muslim wedding ceremony is the way the bride and groom dress at the ceremony.

This made sense as it was the day when the working week was done and people were free to attend the simple marriage ceremonies that were available at the time.

As the decades and years rolled by and as the Catholic religion developed and reasserted itself in Ireland, the choice of Sunday became frowned upon as it was often seen as a mark of disrespect.

Turkish wedding traditions can have guidelines depending upon widows or widowers, the care of a deceased family member’s family by remarriage, and there have been instances in the past of siblings marrying one another, but this no longer happens in today’s society.

Marrying with a Turkish man depends strongly on the culture he is from.

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