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Information on any dangerous object shown in the 3D model can also be obtained by a cursor click.The following parameters of the 3D model can be set or edited by the user: Echo Sounder Display Navi-Fisher 3000 is connected to a real echo sounder and contains a dedicated Sounder display providing realistic seabed and under-route profiles.Target track color and interval can also be set by the user.For easy identification, tracks of the same target can be saved and displayed in different colors.Creating Fishing Plotter Boards To manually edit the electronic chart in the Add_Info mode, the user can choose from an extensive Symbol library incorporated in the system and add selected symbols or comments on to the chart in a variety of colors.Any Add_Info symbol can be promptly accessed using the Hot Key function.The following information can be presented in the Sounder Display mode: Overlaying Radar Picture With the ARPA function incorporated in Navi-Fisher 3000, all moving targets within the radar range are tracked and plotted on the chart.Navi-Fisher 3000 can be supplied with a dedicated Radar Integrator Board from Transas, which is capable of converting the radar's video signal to digital form and overlaying the radar picture on the electronic chart, and providing the user with full ARPA functionality at low cost.

Every Transas MFD workstation (WS) can be equipped with a standard set of software such as ECDIS, Radar, Conning, Chart Assistant utility and SPOS weather module giving the mariner the ability to switch between applications at the touch of a button.This capability is especially important when fishing is done in a new area where the user is not familiar with local navigational conditions.Tides and Currents To provide the user with important information on tides and currents, Navi-Fisher 3000 system contains Transas databases on tidal currents, tidal levels, seasonal and surface currents.The intervals for water temperature or depth measurement, as well as track point intervals (time or distance) can also be identified by the user.Target tracks can be plotted on the User Chart or removed from it on the user's command.

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