Twin cities dating

In either case, you can always watch the doorway and pretend not to be yourself if asked.

Penny’s Coffee – 3509 Next to the Bachelor Farmer restaurant in the North Loop.

When you're in a casual and comfortable atmosphere, it's easy to socialize!

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Our events are designed to bring fun and active singles together in a safe and relaxed environment.

If the date goes well, you can stroll the Stone Arch Bridge.

A friend of a Friend Date: On a friend of a friend date you may or may not have actually met in person, but the creepy factor is a little less than a blind date as they have already been vetted by your friend.

This type of date can be a more casual spot and a little alcohol might help the nerves.

Norseman Distillery – 451 Hip, local craft cocktail spot with an industrial vibe, a modern fireplace seating area and an outdoor patio.

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