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mod_perl 2.0 does have some prerequisites, namely a recent Perl and Apache 2.x.

If both of these are already installed all that is required is downloading the mod_perl source code from and issuing the following commands: The script allows you to setup your @INC library path and preload any modules that you want shared among your Apache server children.

If you are using a recent Linux distribution you may have it installed already.(Active Perl haven't released a 5.28.0 yet, but it is build when they do) These are x64 builds only. Notice that Active Perl's last releases were x64-only (in Perl/releases/ and Perl/releases/ These releases should be good for future Active Perl 5.26.n/5.28.n and Strawberry Perl 5.26.n/5.28.n releases since all Perl 5.Each handler is a different Perl module that you have written to deal with a particular phase.This can also help code reuse by allowing you to share a particular logging or authentication handler on many different sites or dedicated servers without having to alter any other aspects of the Apache process.

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