Updating automatic licence manual

A few years ago, automatics were clunky, slow, heavy, less economical compared to their manual versions and more expensive.Things have come a long way since then and automatics are lighter, often more economical than their manual version and generally much more pleasant to drive than they once were.From July 2016 to July 2017, there were around 1,730,936 driving tests conducted.Of those, 141,264 were conducted in an automatic car.Renewals conducted via the DDS Online Services portal will receive a .00 discount from the fees stated.

back to list Applicant name changes must be processed, in person, at a Customer Service Center.However, if a customer currently holds a Secure DL/ID, only one (1) document is needed to prove residency.For a list of acceptable documents proving residential address, visit our Secure ID Checklist page.Automatics are becoming much more popular, but are generally still more expensive to purchase than the manual equivalent.Though it’s much less of an issue these days, if you have an automatic licence, you’ll need to ensure that if you ever need to hire a car, borrow one or require a courtesy car, then it’ll need to be automatic.

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