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In Figure 4-10, Router can function as a web server to provide web services for network users and users can access the web server by sending DNS requests.

The domain name of the web server is com, corresponding to the IP address of GE1/0/0 on Router. As a result, if the mapping relationship between the web server's domain name and the IP address is not updated in time on the DNS server, a user access error may occur.

If you do a DNS query for the hostname, you will get the IP address back that you entered.

The last step is to make sure that your hostname always matches your IP address as it changes.

It is Independent and Does not Interfare with rest of the Working of your Code on ESP8266.

Currently Easy DDNS Library Supports Duck DNS, No-ip, Dyn DNS, Dynu, ENom.

Find More about DDNS: Wi Kipedia Go to Sketch Select the Downloaded File.

This Library is Dependent on ESP8266 Core Library or Arduino core for ESP32 to Function Properly.

This was with an already valid entry in Dyn DNS--migrating from a working RV320.With failover mode and on other RV routers (including the RV320) if you put the same DDNS entry in both WAN Dynamic DNS entries, the router updates that WAN variable on failover so you always have the correct static IP the router is using.With the 340, it's does NOT let you do this and makes it impossible to use one FQDN to assign to other services...Although the selection of services may be limited, there are several advantages to using the router: it will probably be easier to set up, will require little to no maintenance, and will have no downtime (if the router is down you will not have Internet anyway).Note that some dynamic DNS providers do not require a dedicated client and can be updated with Note: Free users of no-ip are required to manually confirm their domain(s) every 30 days. Other DDNS providers are not compatible with ddclient so updating your IP with them may require a special tool or some custom scripting.

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