Updating os x 10 4

Has your Mac been working better or worse since the update?

Have you resolved the problems with these tips or others?

Actually, the update process is very easy, but not everyone knows how to update OS X safely.

Here, we want to discuss with you about how to update Mac to OS X 10.10.4 safely.

Another less than fun situation with Safari in OS X 10.11.4 is an abnormally frequent beachballing, where web pages either don’t load at all or freeze up.

Eventually, this often crashes the web browser, or you have to manually intervene and use Activity Monitor to quit the errant Safari process in question.

Some users have discovered their Mac Applications all show up as generic icons, both in the Dock and in the Finder of OS X.

Then restart the Mac as usual from the  Apple menu. Let me explain: when you update system software, several under-the-hood processes perform on first boot and must complete, this includes the mds indexing engine behind Spotlight search and a few other system functions as well.

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A future bug fix update will likely address any underlying issues here, but who knows when it will arrive.Some users have noticed that Safari crashes or beachballs often after installing OS X 10.11.4, or in some cases as mentioned above, the Safari problem seems to turn systemwide and freeze the entire Mac.It is unclear what exactly the problem is, but for users who have been impacted by this issue, the Safari crashes and freezes did not occur prior to the update to OS X 10.11.4.Another option is to manually force quit the Safari processes which are either showing as “not responding” within Activity Monitor, or are consuming high system resources.Being diligent about the Safari web processes seems to offer a way to avoid the complete system freeze ups, but it’s hardly a solution.

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