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For more official information, you should consult the Free BSD’s Committer’s Guide chapter on Subversion and the Free BSD Handbook‘s list of official Free BSD Subversion repository mirrors.

Basically if you were getting RELENG_ Now, on to the mirroring part.

Well, one way is via ssh, and another is svnserve, but for various reasons I prefer to do this via HTTP, so I setup Apache with DAV to hand it out. First, as I mentioned above, you’ll want to make sure you compiled both Subversion (/usr/ports/devel/subversion) and Apache (/usr/ports/www/apache22) with the relevant DAV module options. In the main file (/usr/local/etc/apache22/httpd.conf), check that the DAV modules are loaded.

This may already have been done automatically by the port: Then save/exit after you’ve made any other changes you want to that file – if you’ve never set Apache up on that server, you’ll probably want to set the server name, admin e-mail, hostname, and point it to a directory that won’t serve up the Apache default files.

There are many Apache tutorials out there if you need help with this part.

Now edit /usr/local/etc/apache22/extra/The first thing I do here is comment out or remove any directives referring to uploading.

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