Updating razer copperhead firmware

Now this would all be fine, if they didn't screw up on the right 2 buttons.

There was around 5% acc improvement, and 30% more headshots per map.

Alternatively you could use the stable ones on their webpage that comes with the drivers (altough the beta firmware fixes quite a bit of annoying issues and problems according to the changelog.

A special thing here is that you only have to install the drivers on one PC.

Razer Copperhead It finally arrived earlier today so here's the review.

Just note that this is after 2 hours of playing (still didn't get used to it totally, but that's to be expected after having a Logitech MX510 for 2 years..). : D Drivers The drivers that come with the mouse are working ok (I've installed them on another PC just to see..), there is however a updated version on the Razer homepage ( along with a firmware that fixes A LOT of annoying issues.

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