Updating spamassassin rules

Using Spam Assassin in Adobe Campaign provides an indication on the possible behavior of mail servers which use Spam Assassin when they receive email sent by Adobe Campaign.However, it is possible that the mail servers of internet providers or online mail servers still consider the messages sent by Adobe Campaign as undesirable.

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Lists On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 0000, Daniel Berry wrote: does not have internet access. [...] Ah, after re-reading this -- I guess there's your issue right there.Network administrators are responsible for adapting them to their company's needs.The qualification of emails as undesirable by Spam Assassin is based entirely on filtering and scoring rules.Daniel, please keep the thread on-list, unless you intend to send a private message. Err, yes, SA will use the updated rules instead of the ones shipped at install-time when (re)started.However, SA will not update anything itself -- it uses the already updated rule-set, as usually done by sa-update. In particular, have a loot at the Examples section.

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