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Their every instinct tells them to be nasty, but they fear those instincts, and fear rejection from society.To compensate, they try to be nice and mimic the actions and words of people they perceive to be nice. It will not be long before a closet nasty cracks, and explodes in a cloud of nastiness.You may pity proud nasty people because you think they are unbalanced, have a nasty past, or a difficult life. Most of them have wonderful childhoods and are enjoying a happy life today.

Clueless nasty people truly believe that they are one of the good guys.

They usually get lumped into a single “nasty people” group and that is really unfortunate; for them, as well as for us. In understanding the nuanced differences among nasty people.

we can better handle them, and tolerate them in our midst.; trying out new nasty tactics, searching for victims to be nasty to, and looking for other nasty people who can appreciate their art.

Taking that first step, may cause them to slip and fall into the trap of self-examination, and that is a fate worse than death. More careful analysis reveals that fixing nasty can be achieved through a process called .

All animals, including the human kind, will repeat behaviors that get them good results and reduce behaviors that get them bad results. To fix nasty people, you need to be extremely patient, extremely observant, and extremely empathic of others.

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