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Ticket and card readers are available on each TBM route.Please get your ticket or card ready before boarding any bus, tram or Bat3.Africa & the Middle East Asia Australia & the Pacific Canada Caribbean Europe Mexico & Central America South America United States Air Travel Cruises Travel Tips & Trip Ideas Forums Help View All Forums We have 2 TGV tickets from Bordeaux to Paris. There are different kinds of trains: some with reserved seats, others (cheaper usually) without.Be that as it may, the tkts were purchased by American Express Travel Co. They are paper w/ all necessary info:class, coach,seat # etc printed by SNCF. I'm fairly sure you don't have to validate reserved tickets (have time/date/seat number on each ticket), because if you don't use them they probably become worthless anyway (unless you have changed them ahead of time).) punch machines should be used for 1 ride on 1 route. Validating tickets on Trams in Budapest Trams, like buses, have punch machines at the doors. The punch machines should be used to validate your ticket for 1 ride on 1 route. This makes boarding quicker and easier for you and other passengers. You can validate your TBM card using any card reader (both the yellow ones and the new white ones). It takes just a few seconds, and you’ll be travelling within the rules. Every time you validate your TBM card you’ll receive reward points that can be redeemed in the online store.

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This only applies to metro-metro rides, not to trams or buses.

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If you don’t have a ticket, you cannot say that ‘I am a tourist, sorry. ’ Or ‘Can you just show me how to validate my ticket?

’ Ticket inspectors mostly do not speak (good) English, do not sell tickets, and are not nicer with tourists.

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