Validating user input

I have named the class as Let's see some examples of usage of our class.You can copy the above code to a new file and include that file in your script.Of course, validating user input is really important for dynamic websites. In this tutorial, you will learn about 4 major tasks. The awesome language, PHP has numerous in-built functions to validate user inputs.

If you are retrieving data from the server, you can use GET method. Here I have chosen POST method and the action script, is requested with any other method, it will show an error. Next, we have to check the user inputs to avoid processing errors. Assume that you have php code to assign POST variable to a local variable as following. The last subtopic of this tutorial will explain you to do that in an object oriented way. We save his username in the database without any validation.

This function returns false on failure or invalid input.1.

Validating Emails We can simply validate an email using function.

Before you ask, and someone always does, these examples will currently work in the following browsers: Safari 5, Chrome 6, Opera 9, Firefox 4 Beta and the i Phone/i Pad.

Also each browser has a slightly different default behaviour.

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