Validating xml with dtd

I've looked into using an XMLReader to do so, but that seems to only allow you to validate files on your computer.

Get Bytes(DTD); Memory Stream DTDStream = new Memory Stream(DTDBytes); string XML = req.

XMLSpy supports a subset of the OASIS XML catalogs mechanism.

The catalog mechanism enables XMLSpy to retrieve commonly used schemas (as well as stylesheets and other files) from local user folders.

An error message shows each possible cause of that error separately. The description contains links to the relevant definition in the associated schema document.

For example, in the screenshot above, four possible causes of the validation error are reported; the first one is expanded, the other three are collapsed. You can quickly go to the specific schema definition to see why exactly the document is invalid.

This increases the overall processing speed, enables users to work offline (that is, not connected to a network), and improves the portability of documents (because URIs need to be changed in the catalog files only.) The catalog mechanism in XMLSpy works as follows: file (or other custom catalog file), use only the following subset of the OASIS catalog in order for XMLSpy to process the catalog correctly.

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The XML document is validated against the schema referenced in the XML file.

One contains the contents of an XML file and the other contains the contents of DTD file.

Is there anyway to use the DTD string to validate the XML string in C#?

If no reference exists, an error message is displayed in the Messages window.

As long as the XML document is open, the schema is kept in memory (see Flush Memory Cache in the DTD/Schema menu).

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