Vanessa hudgens confirms dating zac

i just want it changed from was to is currently dating her The article currently says "Efron was dating his High School Musical series co-star Vanessa Anne Hudgens in August 2007." as that is all the attached reference used to support that factoid says.There is nothing in that statement that implies they stopped or continued dating as the reference is a snapshot in time and the info was stated that way.Are you saying that even our Zac has possibly lied on his, or his people have? How can anybody know if what anybody says about Zac is true, anywhere?More to the point, am I just wasting my .95 a month to be a Pro member?My understanding was that this information is not independently verified. Nobody would pay for a license if they didn't have a decent reputation.--Yamla (talk) , 13 March 2008 (UTC) Here are two sources: resumenewtitle Please note this type of statement: "Please note that titles [or changes] submitted to the IMDb are not automatically added to the database but must be processed/checked by our staff." Yes, but this does not guarantee that the information is verified, only that title information may be rejected if not verifiable. In fact, I've seen false information submitted to IMDB Pro, see for example this. Until I can dig a little deeper I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Are you saying that people are lying right and left on their resumes?

For these several reasons, I should think that IMDb Pro should serve as a credible source of data for this page. Buxtehude2002 (talk) , 13 March 2008 (UTC) Can you please provide a citation to indicate that IMDB Pro verifies all changes with a reliable source? But, how could they be willing to license their information and find people who would pay for the same if their information could not be trusted?If you have a reference that says as of June 2008, Efron was dating ... I would prefer to see something other than a picture and an interpretation though. I'm just wondering, as it's being used as a reference.A direct statement from either of them would be best. -Ebyabe (talk) , 12 March 2008 (UTC) Well, I know that I have to pay .50 a month to use IMDb Pro and that I have access to pages that regular IMDb people can't.:) --Yamla (talk) , 13 March 2008 (UTC) I haven't gone to bed yet.First of all, the refund page of IMDb Pro is going to be visited rather soon.

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