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Net page is rendered in the browser the name of the control has been converted to its HTML equivalent so to access the name of the control in ASP. By default j Query displays an error message once the validation field is something so it's recommended to customize the default error message to minimize the confusion.

We need to use the following syntax to display the custom validation message based on the control. The complete code will be like: If we run the preceding code the output will be like.

Regular Expression Validation It is very simple to add a regular expression validator to j Query validation. It will also validate the email id without using a regular expression.

A regular expression will be very useful when we want to apply our custom syntax on a Text Box.

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The j Query Form validation library is the most popular validation library and I think one of the easiest libraries to use in web forms.

INITIAL CHAMBERStep 1 Open your Visual Studio 2010. Provide a suitable name to your application such as "validation_demo".

Step 2 In Solution Explorer right-click the project and select Add New Item (or use Ctrl Shift A) the select Web Form (validation_demo.aspx).

In general the entire error message should display in the Red color.

If we want to do the same we need to add some CSS for that.

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