Virtual dating game with ariane walkthrough

If you make the wrong moves, you will end without the "good ending" again.

Ariane wrote that this only works if you have a PC with a mouse.

If you want all the headaches that come with dealing with a difficult woman, then play this dating simulator.She’s not easy but if you play your cards right, she will do all kinds of kinky shit all over the house and the town.Tips: Two drinks are enough; Compliments are good; Don’t push the sexual interactions; Be careful with when she says “How about a kiss?since Ariane wrote that you must show some traits ( nice, smart, funny and sexy) to get good results in the game , you can use the dot to see if you are doing well: I had already got to the hot tub sex before, but as you can see , the "nice" trait is not needed there, nor for the rest of the night in bed. I did not know what the hell was this thing, so I had to make a search a code that is used in many videogames.Certainly Ariane put this resource to help people who cannot get good results in her game.

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