Warning signs dating

MORE: 10 Signs the Person You’re Dating Wants to Keep Things Casual I fell in what I thought was love for the first time when I was in college.

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That is, you need to have a shared vision of what you want and how you want to live your lives.

If you text him and he doesn’t answer for a few hours, that’s totally fine.

But if you don’t answer his texts promptly, it’s a problem!

When you meet a guy and feel that ever-evasive click, it’s really hard to tear yourself away no matter how loud the alarm bells sound. I’ve been there and I’ve lived it and I’ve suffered the inevitable consequences of staying in these damaging relationships for a little too long.

MORE: 5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship If you want to have success in your love life and avoid heartbreak and pain, you have to choose wisely.

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