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Your basic speeding fine also lands you three points on your licence – more serious offences will get you six.

These are taken off your DVLA record after four years, but insurers use them in their calculations for five.

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The crane is probably high due to the buildings nearby to make sure of adequate clearance , the mast sections are generally 5m in length , I drive one for a living.

Speed cameras in general cause no end of confusion for motorists. According to research by Auto Express, the answer to this last question is yes, they do.

25 of the 34 UK police forces shared information on when their speed cameras activate if a driver is going above the speed limit.

According to research from Consumer Intelligence, a speeding conviction adds £50 to your annual car insurance premium, on average.

Hosted by Gillian Griffiths, Speaker Jonathan Sprent, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Abstract not available This talk is part of the Immunology and Medicine Seminars series.

For more serious offences, though, this option isn’t on the table.

Let’s take the above example of driving 50mph in a 40 zone.

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