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If Rowling was going to question any of the major characters’ pairings, she’d have been better off reconsidering Harry’s relationship to Mary Sue–whoops, I mean Ginny. Sure, they’d been through a lot, but they were still teenagers.

There aren’t many friends out there who are willing to help someone defeat an evil wizard and put their own lives at risk.

This causes him to lash out at Hermione and treat her poorly.

The truth of the matter is that whether she’s just a friend or whether he wants to date her, treating someone you care about poorly isn’t cool.

Would Harry have been the one mutilating tiny figurines of Viktor Krum during the Triwizard Tournament, or would the H/H train have reached the station during those lonely nights in the tent of despair?

Would it have been a betrayal of Ron, or would Ron’s feelings for his bushy-haired buddy have been written out of the story completely? When the book ended, all of the main characters were under age 20.

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