What episode of glee did rachel and finn start dating Real online sex chat stories

One of the best Glee episodes in one of my favorite seasons! The Quarterback (Season 5) Everyone has different opinions on glee...The majoraty believe that the show should have been canceled after season 3 because it was a perfect ending... But whether you hate the new seasons, love em, or just started on the show everyone can agree that this episode was the heart and sole of ALL tribute episodes...However, I wanted the original cast to get more storylines and the show to be more New York centric as I didn't care about what was going on in Lima anymore except of maybe Brittany's storylines that still seemed interesting.The show kind of lost its spark for me in the fourth season as the characters that I cared about such as Santana and Kurt didn't get much of a storyline or screen time whatsoever.

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I still watched because it still had the essence of it. Kurt's dad and Finn's mom announce their engagement.Kurt insists on planning what will be a Glee wedding, also helping his dad and Finn prepare for their dances with the bride.From that episode, I think that Glee regained many old fans that left the ..I cried for 4 hours straight not joking, so beautiful and moving Britney/Brittany (Season 2) I loved this episode and would watch it over until I am sick of it!I love it;)I also love the thriller episode it is a great one my favorite season is season 5 because it has all the Greta and newish songs in it was a good season!

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