When do clark and lana start dating

She is one of 4 of Superman's major love interests, along with Lois Lane, Lori Lemaris and Wonder Woman.

Pre-Crisis (Earth-One) In the Earth-One continuity, Lana Lang was introduced in 1950 as a love interest to Superboy (Superboy #10), essentially taking the place that Lois Lane had in his adult life.

Lana Lang is a villainess from episode 3.14 of Lois & Clark, "Tempus, Anyone? Just like in the comics, Lana Lang is portrayed as the girlfriend of young Clark Kent, and the episode has Lana referred to as Clark's former girlfriend.

Lana turned heel when she appeared in Tempus' alternate universe as Clark's fiancee.

This love-triangle was the focus of many stories during the 1950S and '60s, but cooled in later decades.

Lana eventually becomes romantically involved with the alien superhero Vartox.

Lana's parents, Lewis and Laura Lang, were killed in the meteor shower that rained down upon the world on December 15th, 1978.At times, she took her own superheroic identity, Insect Queen.In 1952, the character was introduced as an adult (Superman #78), having moved to Metropolis to become atelevision reporter, and became a major competitor to Lois Lane for Superman's affections.Although she loved him, he viewed her only platonically. In the 2003-04 Birthright origin, they are shown to have been in a relationship.This is retained in the 2009-10 Secret Origins story in which Clark once again became Superboy, but only for adventures with the Legion of Superheroes, never publically.

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