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He has got a brother named, Christopher Deyo Braun and he is also a musician.Braun’s half-brothers are actor Guillaume Rumiel and producer Timothy Braun.His co-star Jeremy Strong, known to viewers as Kendall Roy, has seen Braun effortlessly charm even the most jaded audience: fellow celebrities. He is solicitous and earnest and though he had mentioned he was hungry, he left the tuna melt in front of him untouched, for fear of being rude.Strong took him to a party in the Hamptons, where Braun sidled up to the Clintons. Eventually, though, he apologized and asked if it was okay to eat.

And so, we would both go through it every day and send out little postcards to casting directors hoping to get auditions,” Braun recalls, smiling.

I think he told Paul Mc Cartney how much he dug his pants or something and then they ended up chatting away for ages.” shoot. His costar Sarah Snook, who plays the cunning Shiv Roy on the show, says it’s “like [he’s] going toward the left, and then he changes thought about halfway through the sentence and goes back to something else, and then changes halfway through that one and goes back to the original.” "If i was just dressed in this standing there," Braun says, gesturing to his Polo after the shoot, "I would feel like, why are we photographing this? His dad (pictured here on Braun's delightful and active Instagram feed, in a photo by his son) started going to acting classes, and “he would work on his scenes with me, or read his audition sides with me, or teach me a technique he'd learned that week.”Soon enough, the Brauns started auditioning together.

"It feels like a character or something." (Blazer, Dsquared2. “My dad got an illegal account [to look at casting calls online].

His birth name is Nicholas Joseph Braun and he is currently 30 years old.

His mother‘s name is Elizabeth Lyle and his father‘s name is Craig Braun.

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