Who is craig kilborn dating

But then, for some reason, his career just went down the tubes and eventually he left Hollywood for good.How Craig Kilborn Started After doing several small jobs as a local sports anchor he went on to ESPN to anchor for three years.He went back for a special edition in 2004, but after his initial stint he went on to host The Daily Show until 1998.

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“So when are you going to retire so I can take over the show?

David Letterman, to introduce him as his next guest.

They should banter back and forth, discussing topics they covered in a pre-interview, from the economy to Occupy Wall Street to the NBA Lockout.

It’s virtually impossible to stumble across one of his old clips and not ask the question.

Kilborn’s jabs that served him so well as an anchor on didn’t always help him build the best rapport with his guests.

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