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Could Nikki Reed’s attempt to rekindle a friendship with Nina Dobrev be a reach for press?

Now that Ian Somerhalder’s ex is dating Austin Stowell, perhaps Nikki feels Nina’s threat level has diminished and an opportunity has presented itself.Nikki Reed, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Peter Facinelli all do smoke.Jackson Rathbone use to but he gave up when he was 20, Taylor Lautner and kellan lutz do not.Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) is married to Jenne Garth, you might know her as Val from What I Like About you. Cody is actually dating Brandi reed Nikki Bella is dating Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella is dating John Cena (with Nikki and Brie, i´m not so sure i confuse those two all the time XD Bella: Kristen Stewart Edward: Robert Pattinson the hottest guy alive.Jacob: Taylour Launter Alice: Ashley Green Emmett: Kellan Lutz Rosalie: Nikki Reed Jasper: Jackson Rathbone Carlisle: Peter Facnelli Esme: Elizabeth Reaser Emmet: Kellan Lutz Rosalie: Nikki Reed Esme: Elizabeth Reaser Edward: Robert Pattinson Bella: Kristen Stewert Carlisle: Peter Facinelli Alice: Ashley Greene Jasper: Jackson Rathbone Renesmee: Mackenzie Foy Ashley Greene-23 Jackson Rathbone-25 Kellan Lutz-24 Kristen Stewart-19 Nikki Reed-21 Robert Pattinson-23 Taylor Lautner-18 Elizabeth Reaser-34 Peter Facinelli-36 Rachelle Lefefvre-31 Cam Gigagndet-22 Kristen Stweart- Bella Swan Robert Pattison- Edward Cullen Taylor Laughtner- Jacob Black Jackson Rathbone- Jasper Ashley Greene- Alice Kellan Lutz- Emmett Nikki Reed- Rosalie Peter factinelli- Carlisle Elizabeth Reaser- Esme Billy Burke- Charlie Yes she does.

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