Who is esther anderson dating

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW But despite her success, our homegrown Summer Bay alum admits she often does miss being back home in Australia.“There’s so much opportunity [here in LA] and this is where my husband [Howard Moggs] and I met, but there are just certain little things that I miss about home,” Esther says.Esther then moved to the US, where she later met her now future husband. star captioned three new snaps of her growing belly, in which she lists shes: "1. “Admittedly, after Forest was born, I did tell my agent I wasn’t going to do any more lingerie or swimwear shoots, because I didn’t think my skin would be firm again,” Esther confesses.“But once I started doing a bit more core work for my back and stomach and started really focusing on eating well again, it was fine.” To transform her post-baby body, Esther credits Soul Cycle, stairs and running around after little Forest – whom she describes as the “light of her life”. We still look at each other and pinch ourselves that he’s our son,” Esther says happily.

“I think Australia’s always going to have my heart.” Esther was launched into stardom with a five-year stint playing ‘hot cop’ Charlie Buckton on the popular show. She was based in Japan for six years and has travelled to Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Korea and Europe for work. She remained in the role for a year until she had the chance to audition for Home and Away. In 2015, Anderson is a contestant in the fourth season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. In 2007, Anderson landed a role on the Victorian version of Australian travel show Postcards.The couple, who started dating just over a year ago and live together in Los Angeles, were having a romantic night in their new home on Valentine’s Day. But woah – we just want to enjoy being engaged for now.’ Esther’s fiancé Howard also gushed about his soon-to-be wife, saying she is ‘incredible’.Howard got down on one knee in the back garden, after suggesting they go there to sip champagne at sunset. ‘In LA, there are lots and lots of really beautiful people, but they often have their own agenda’, Howard said.

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