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Gregg Wallace, who has also appeared in has been married four times in his lifetime.Among his four marriages, he has been divorced thrice. Gregg tied the nuptial knot with Christine back in 1991 when they both were on their twenties.After running a successful vegetable stand at Covent Garden, Gregg founded George Allan’s Greengrocers in 1989.Staggeringly, his company built up an eventual turnover of £7.5 million.Series 15 is now upon us - it started on Monday, February 11.The show's in its usual place on BBC One and lasts for an hour.

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He has also landed himself guest spots on Room 101, Who Do You Think You Are? In 2016, Gregg married Anne-Marie Sterpini, 21 years his junior, in an intimate ceremony at Hever Castle in Kent.

GREGG Wallace is a businessman and food expert, but is best-known for being one of the main judges on Master Chef.

The pudding king also hosts Inside The Factory and Eat Well For Less?

They both were young and were in love which led them to exchange the marriage vows but their marital relationship could not last.

Gregg, who has been on weight loss over the years, parted ways with Christine after six weeks of their marriage.

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