Who is jennifer lopez dating right now

An eyewitness said: “Drake has been making the most of his time in London this week and has been out every night.“On Thursday he was seen getting close to Réka after she was invited up to his private bash where there were only a few VIP guests.Chandra Davis, 40, (a.k.a Deelishis) is a US model and reality TV star.She is best known for winning VH1's Flavor of Love 2.

It consists of 14 tracks with a total length of almost 64 minutes. She appeared in the third season and was among the Fly Girl dancers. J-Lo even attended Drake's New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas.But the pair split in February 2017 due to their hectic schedules.Jennifer Lopez is said to have the best body structure in the world but the thing which makes her different from others is not only her body, but it’s her multitasking personality.Also, the first photograph of her two twins was reportedly sold for 6 million dollar, which is the highest paid amount for a celebrity picture till date.37-27-37 in or 94-68.5-94 cm10 (US) or 42 (EU) or 14 (UK)8.5 (US) or 39 (EU) or 6 (UK)L’Oreal.

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