Who is luke macfarlane dating

Miller was photographed going out to the movies or a restaurant with girlfriends on several occasions in the past year, but none of these couplings got any repeat exposure in the tabloid media.

Now Perez Hilton, who accurately reported that singer Lance Bass and actor Neil Patrick Harris were gay and dating men before they officially came out in the media, claims an "impeccable source close to the pair" confirmed Miller and has also declined to speak about his sexuality. Knight, the out gay star of "Grey's Anatomy." The two were photographed by the paparazzi spending time together in October 2006, just days after Knight came out in People Magazine.

The two reportedly dated for six months before their relationship ended ceremoniously., with his costars Balthazar Getty and Dave Annable during the first day of the 2008 Rome Fiction Fest on Monday in Rome, Italy.Luke, 28, Balthazar, 33, and Dave, 28, were all interviewed during the photo call.His basic education ended at London Central Secondary School before he proceeded to Lester B.Pearson School for the Arts where he continued an interest he had developed in the arts as a young child.

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