Who is pdiddy dating now updating audi sat nav

While the extent of Harvey and Combs’ relationship may never be revealed, the messy rumors are sure to affect father-son dynamics.Harvey seems to have no qualms about being caught in what may be the most awkward love triangle in recent history.She also unfollowed all accounts but one on Instagram, being thewretch—a private account with 63 followers.Cassie, born Cassie Ventura, and her former beau P Diddy, also known as Sean "Diddy" Combs, were in an off-and-on-again relationship for more than a decade.Apparently, three’s company in the Combs family too.

The 49-year-old rapper, on the other hand, appears straight-faced and caught off guard.

While that relationship hasn't been confirmed or denied, Hot New Hip reported how Puffy and Chew had been spotted together in recent months: in Miami back in September, and attending a Drake concert in early October.

Prior to Cassie's blunt Instagram Story statement, TV personality Wendy Williams talked about the "Me & You" singer's breakup with Diddy, suggesting Cassie had "wasted" 11 years dating the multihyphenate talent."She probably doesn't know how to apply for a mortgage," Williams said on last Thursday.

"You laugh, but I'm talking about the practical things of life... Is renting, leasing or buying [a car] practical for her? Just saying."Williams elaborated by explaining how Cassie also benefited from being with Diddy for several years, adding, "On the other hand, it wasn't 11 years wasted, because Puffy introduced her to a world that she would never know.

She's probably always been on his insurance, so she needs an insurance card. I like you, Cassie, and hi, Puff, but I still don't know what Cassie does except for walk around and look pretty."Neither Diddy nor Cassie has directly addressed their relationship's demise.

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