Who is tami roman dating marlon wayans

While both attending Howard University around the same time, the two weren’t in a serious relationship, but dated for a short while (aka, nothing serious). In fact, Tami dated a few men while she was on the show.

For some reason, there were even rumors that spread in later years that Tami had become pregnant by the Wayans brother and that the baby she became pregnant with while on the “Tami and Marlon did date. The person who got her pregnant is just some random man she kicked it with while she was on The Real World…She was still talking to Marlon while she was on The Real World, but it wasn’t his baby.

Some on the list you might have never known about, others you might be getting a refresher course on, but either way, I’m sure you’ll walk away and be able to shock the hell out of a few friends with this info (as I was able to do with my co-workers). They were an item for three years, all while working on the show together.

Hmmm, a sad breakup might explain why we didn’t get to see Lisa Turtle in This was before he got on and she was known for the ratchet.

While they were an…interesting pair I’ll say, she realized he wasn’t the one and ran for her life.

She’s now killing runways everywhere and magazine shoots as well, and he’s a rapper with a very different image and a very different woman on his arm (Hey Blac Chyna…).

, which she starred in, actress Kim Basinger and Prince had a very interesting connection with one another.

Allegedly it was a very passionate affair that didn’t lost very long, but the two managed to work on some music together (“Scandalous Sex Suite” anyone? There are rumors about some friggy sniggy mess happening in a studio with a pot of honey, as well as a story that her concerned brother came to Prince’s crib to whisk her away from him one night. Beatty was once known in Hollywood as the ultimate playboy and womanizer.

Seeing as I was nowhere near alive when they were getting “acquainted,” I don’t know the specific details about how they met and how they ended their time together, but it has been confirmed by different publications repeatedly, and there’s photo evidence of the two’s time together.There were even rumors that she had wanted to settle down with him and have children, but of course, that didn’t happen.De Niro has been with wife Grace Hightower for years now and Campbell is dating Russian baller Vladislav Doronin.I know what you’re thinking: Yes, Robert De Niro loves him some black women.But I know that my eyes popped a little wider when I did some snooping and found out that these two were booed up in the ’90s.

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