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Both Sanitsky and director Paul Schneider say the movie was always intended to be empowering for Angela.

Even if broadcast standards had not been as “stringent” as they were in the ’80s, Sanitsky notes, “we were never going to push boundaries with the kids.” Angela’s empowerment wasn’t just about standing up to a teenage boy but her over-protective father (Grammer), who had been insisting she attend a bible college when she really wanted to study art.

In 2000, she starred in Growing Pains The Movie, ABC’s highest-rated television movie of the year.

She also appeared recently on USA’s series The Dead Zone.

So after a dinner at an Italian restaurant and dancing at the prom, they end up in a bedroom at an after-party, and he makes his move.

But Angela was warned he might be only after one thing, and although she didn’t believe it at first, now she has her proof and successfully rebuffs his advances.

She also authored Room To Grow, her autobiography, which will be released on Feburary 2003.

For some — namely Edie Mc Clurg and Grammer — it meant following their kid around on prom night to make sure she didn’t get into the kind of trouble they had, while for others, such as Mary Frann and Cliff De Young, it was about reevaluating the relationship they started in high school that had changed drastically in the subsequent years.

Sanitsky says the late Konigsberg used to talk about invoking Ingmar Bergman’s “Smiles of a Summer Night” — a comedic movie featuring an ensemble with romantic complications who spend a night at a country house to “sort themselves out” — while he kept invoking the universality of problems that come with a prom, such as “Do you have a date?

She made an auspicious television debut in the award-winning mini-series Roots.

She also enjoyed seven years on the immensely popular ABC comedy series Growing Pains after which she returned to drama in more than 20 movies of the week.

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