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Amounts owed: (30 percent) -- How much is owed on all accounts.The amount of available credit being used on revolving accounts is heavily weighted.For example, if you had an original student loan of ,000 and one credit card limit of ,000, with 00 owed to your student loan and 0 owed to your credit card, then your ratio is: When the loan is paid off, you lose the above advantages, and so your credit score could very well drop. CID=70180000001Tx Kr&utm_medium=Scores_Independent&utm_campaign=FY18_Q1_Nor AM_Homepage_Banner_Scores_Independent&utm_source=Homepage_Banner "FICO has built analytic models for multiple markets that consider alternative data, such as bill payment and non-financial data (like mobile device and retail purchase information)" It appears, many variables go into a FICO score. While I have never seen a true FICO score often enough to test it I have seen multiple alternative scores that can jump back and forth a fair amount (although not 50 points) based on whether my utilization that month was 0% or 1%.But don't fret, the drop in the credit score is inconsequential in comparison to the fact that you don't have student loans anymore, and in your case, are also debt free. So, lets say you pay off your student loan, but cut back on spending - or moved to a different neighborhood, sold your car..behavior will affect your FICO score. This was entirely from what I charged that month, I'm not carrying any debt.Of course, if you have no other accounts, you'd have a 0/0 utilization.

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To some degree, yes, having multiple student loans appearing on your credit reports may cause a small amount of credit score damage.

Length of credit history: (15 percent) -- How long ago accounts were opened and time since account activity.

Types of credit used: (10 percent) -- The mix of existing accounts, such as revolving and installment.

This is true even if your student loans are in deferment, in forbearance, or if you are actively making on-time monthly payments.

The reason why the existence of multiple student loans, even those with no negative payment history, can be have a negative impact on your credit scores is due to the fact that scoring models like FICO and Vantage Score consider the number of accounts with balances currently appearing on your credit reports in their scoring processes.

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