Windows xp not updating dst

The first two steps only require write access to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version which by default is given to Administrators and Power Users.By default these same two groups have the “Change System Time” user right granted which is needed for step #3.Let us see what is Daylight Saving Time, what this notification means and how to change Daylight Saving Time on a Windows system.Those of you who do not know what is Daylight saving time DST, let me explain in brief.In the southern hemisphere, the changes are the opposite.

This tool lets you create and edit time zone entries for the date and time settings in the Control Panel. If you wish to disable Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment for some reason, you can uncheck the check-box as shown in the above image.

After this, it updates a structure in the system that contains this information as well as send out a WM_SYSTEMSETTINGSCHANGE message to running applications The first problem described above seems to be happing during step #3.

Reasons for this failure may be related to security rights (this is still under investigation).

If this is the scenario you are seeing, you can run the following script after the hotfix is applied to automate the process of changing the time zone and ensure that the system runs with update DST2007 rules.

followed by running the script above will reliably cause the system to follow the new DST2007 rules.

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