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For this HR Scenario, let’s say that in a small office setting there is gossip that two employees are dating.

In these situations, there is frequently a feeling among some of the staff that having a couple in such a small business setting is counterproductive.

As you can see, there are many positives and negatives about dating a co-worker.

I would advise that you wisely consider the whole picture before jumping into a relationship.

Make sure that he is a hard worker before you take it to the next level. Being with someone 8 hours a day, and then seeing them at night can be a lot of togetherness.

Make sure that you don’t mind being around him more than most couples.

They might have majored in the same thing as you in college, or do similar post-work activities.

But, it can be very healthy for a relationship to begin in a friendship before it escalates to something more. And you can interact freely without the fear of acting the wrong way or impressing someone.Or, wasting work hours talking when you should be working.If you do start dating someone from the office, you might want to keep it under wraps until it’s more serious.This goes for when you are dating and if you break up.People in your office might not know how to treat you if you are together.

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