World of warcraft sex chat

That was the last time Tool put out a fucking album. Now they're putting one out 3 days after classic wow's release! That's a cool list, but a bit short for the 120 hour grind to 60.

Only exception is PVP because the music gets repetitive, So Trip hop and Future funk. Edit: For some reason saw this as a new thread and realized I already responded to it a while back.

While Blizzard is willfully failing to police servers it’s still very important to submit an official petition and contact a Blizzard game master.

During the chat violation I use the report “spam” feature so that the Blizzard GMs can review the offending speech in question.

So how can we police our own servers and turn the tables on offending idiots?

Once someone curses or uses an epithet in a general chat channel I go after them publicly with the hope they will dig themselves an even deeper hole. Never use a curse word yourself or never repeat the offending word that they initially used or you could find yourself in trouble with Blizzard. The goal is to get them so frustrated and off their game that they will keep cursing which is more ammunition for the Blizzard game master and which also makes them look foolish in the eyes of everyone in the zone.

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