Wow armory not updating guild

8.0.004 (08/08/2018) - Fixed a Lua error when mousing over a recipe in the search panel. ) - Archaelogy is back on its feet :) - Quick note about fishing: Fishing now seems to be seen as a series of recipes, like the other professions, even though there are no actual recipes.

This means you actually have to press the "Fishing Skills" button in the profession UI to get its proper level.

) - Added Legion Fishing Masters reputations (Thanks Alex SUCF !!

- Added support for paragon reputation levels (Thanks all4atlantis !!

) - Fixed the auto-completion of alt's names on the same realm, this should fix the "This character might be someone you don't know." problem.

Ex: On my 110 Monk, at 0/717k xp for that level, I should be able to earn a maximum of 3 times that amount (2.1M), yet the game returned me 2.9M Same story on my 110 Druid.

Some time later, I logged in again and values were correct.

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