Wsus not updating windows 8 clients

If you had already synced updates to WSUS for Windows 10, prior to the Hotfix 3095113 being released, this may apply to you.

The issue is described here in a blog post which focuses on Windows 10 1511, additionally another KB article which is for 1607 describes an issue where you had synced updates prior to KB3159706 being installed.

If you find it is missing you can grab it from the Win SXS folder, look for a folder named amd64_updateservices-selfupdate-x64-win7sp1 inside here are the CAB files you will need.

Just replacing that folder was enough to get the remaining Windows 7 clients talking to WSUS, however..

You want this process to complete as fast as possible, so, lowering the frequency from say 22 hours, to 1, means it might complete in 4 hours, instead of 4 days.

This is nicely explained in a blog post from back in 2008!

We have to purge these updates out of the WSUS Database, which requires declining them deleting them and removing them from the DB using SQL Commands, once the hotfixes have been installed we can then download the updates again.

Windows 10 and WSUS has been a pain for me since it was released.

It seems that even though you have set the Detection Frequency to hourly, the client computer is not going to report its status hourly.

Indeed, it may not be until after a reboot of the client before it reports it status.

The folder in question can be found here, C:\Program Files\Update Services\Self Update\WSUS3 inside here are 3 folders one for each architecture.

Make sure inside x86 and x64 you have a Win7SP1 folder.

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