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New generations are used to online dating, it is not seen as the last resort option and they don’t need anymore to hide behind the gamification aspect.

The new era will be more immersive, authentic, more personal, people will get to know each other online better than they could in real life.

People would put their CV online and get in touch with each other, mostly attracting adults (35 ).(2) 2010’s: The supermarket of dating.

When online dating was still a taboo for the younger generation, Tinder managed to democratize its utilization by introducing the gamification aspect to it.

While I believe that I don’t necessarily need to explain why it is a marketplace business, it is worth looking more into details at the 6 points of Andrew Chen’s article.

Churn is indeed one of the most important KPI, for any Saa S company or telecom operator.

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Little as a manager in the TMT practice (Telecom, Media, Technology) based in Vienna, Austria.Dating has already been through 2 main eras:(1) 2000’s: Inception of the online dating business.With the democratization of the internet, online dating has started by digitalizing the traditional model of the “real estate agent” with experience and professionalism.The six reasons listed in the article why investors don’t invest in dating are: These are religiously repeated by many investors, even the one specializing in marketplaces (my sister included).They even frowned, when I dared introducing the dating industry as a market place business.

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